“I find it a bit difficult, but still want to mention that yesterday during the concert of … 2 guys behind me first say aloud what on earth is he doing?and then had a good laugh.

The message I received last week from a concerned mother in response to the concert evening.

When you start playing the violin it’s still pretty clear. Generally, it goes something like this: First you learn how to hold the violin, and how all components are called. Then you start to train muscles you‘ve never used before, so you can put your fingers on the strings for the first time after a few weeks. At the same time you learn to hold the bow with all kinds of exercises so that you (with the right posture) make sure that you can bow one string at a time without letting the bow bounce. Let me be very honest, this is not easy.

Luckily this is usually accompanied by a number of songs, so you keep motivated. Moreover, it’s fun when you’ve learned something, you achieved something that you previously could not. It invites to make the next step. Think of a baby. Before his first independent step, he first discovered his hands, his feet, he must learn to keep his head straight, turn around, stand up, sit down, pull up and stand, stand from one to the other leg, move while holds on to something, and then suddenly it happens: he makes his first independent step.

What you hear during the concert evening is a snapshot of a student’s progress. That’s what you heard, and I am very proud of all students!